Garden Design

  • Natives*
  • Edibles
  • Low Water
  • Pet Friendly
  • Kid Friendly
  • Low Allergy
  • Water Elements (including Birdbaths, Pondless Waterfalls, and Rain Catchment)
  • Hardscape, Drip and Sprinker Irrigation

*Did you know that native plants produce 32x more caterpillars than imported plants? And baby birds love caterpillars. For more fascinating info on birds and their fave plants, go to Theodore Payne Foundation.

Darsaya Studio will work with your contractor or gardener to install your landscape, or recommend one of our qualified associates.


Quartz Boulder

These guys deserve a bonus.

Delivery of Italian Cypress to client's house, Darsaya Studio.

Italian Cypress

Garden Art

  • Custom Sculpture
  • Tile, Glass and Pebble Mosaics
  • Trompe l’oeil and Abstract Murals
  • Lighting Design

Garden Furnishings

  • Custom Furniture
  • Gates and Fences
  • Awnings and Pergolas

Darsaya Studio works with select craft persons to fashion each custom piece—from concept to fabrication to installation.


  • Site Maps
  • Elevation and Bird’s Eye (Plan) View Drawings
  • Plant specification lists with botanical names, quantities and sizes

Darsaya Studio uses a combination of hand drawing, photo images and AutoCAD to illustrate your design concept for maximum beauty and clarity.


  • Care and Maintenance Training Sessions for the Client or Gardener
  • Specialty Pruning of Natives, Edibles and Shrubs
  • Irrigation Reviews
  • Garden Spruce-ups for Special Occasions and Holidays (includes deadheading, weeding, refresher plants, and mulch)

Call Darsaya Studio at (818) 262-5065 to discuss the next steps for your garden vision.

TIP: Spring is ideal for dreaming up your garden paradise for Fall/Winter plantings!